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The Spin Cycle – Bullfighting, Human Fighting, and Dodgeball

It happens to be a slow time in the sports world, but that does not stop me and Sow from having a full discussion this week. We weave seamlessly from topic to topic, being sure to hit all the important points: a renegade bull in Spain, LeGarette Blount punching somebody yet again, and Sow’s big win at a dodgeball tournament in Louisville. Continue reading

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YouTube Clip of the Day: KerPlunk

TweetDon’t ask me why I thought of this, but I just remembered watching Nickelodeon (particularly during Christmas season) and being bombarded with advertisements for various games. Crocodile Mile was a personal favorite, along with Crossfire, but this one had a … Continue reading

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Dustin Johnson Proves Why Golf Will Never Be a Sport

Tweet So I returned from a beautiful Hawaiian family vacation yesterday morning (red eye got in around 6 a.m.) and naturally I went to sleep for the whole day. I woke up around 3 p.m. and read the ESPN alerts … Continue reading

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The Spin Cycle – Favre, Good Music, and More

In a special Friday edition of the weekly podcast, Sow and I discuss being suckered in by the Brett Favre drama once again, A-Rod and his 600th homerun, and the Shaq vs. Jim Rome feud. Then we get into an extremely intellectual discussion about the place of sports in our society (we are Yale guys after all…) and finish up with some discussion about Lalapalooza and the state of music in general. Continue reading

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The Spin Cycle – MLB Trade Deadline

Tweet Well, looks like we’re 2 for 2. This week Sow and I have an extensive talk about the MLB Trade Deadline’s winners and losers, Dez Bryant’s refusal to subject himself to hazing, and Albert Haynesworth’s inability to pass a … Continue reading

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