The Spin Cycle – TV and Movie Marriage Material Part 1

Let the games begin!

It was easier for iTunes to get both parts of the podcast if I broke it into different posts, so here we go.

It’s been a long process that started in 2007, but Josh and I finally came up with the 64 most eligible Bachelorettes from movies and television. Keep in mind that we’re talking about the character and not the actress. So there will be no Megan Fox or Halle Berry. The character has to be someone that you can picture yourself dating and someone cool enough to keep your attention.

It took two hours, but we completed Round 1. There are some upsets and some heated debates, but we think we have a good core going into the second round.

I’m sure you’ll disagree with many of our choices, so feel free to post comments voicing your additions/subtractions. I’ve broken it into two parts, so be sure to listen to both and let the games begin!

The Spin Cycle – TV and Movie Marriage Material Round 1 Part 1

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