Which Sports Duo Makes the Best Black Hammer and White Lightning?

Why hasn't this been made into a real movie?

Buddy cop flicks have existed for a long time and are still alive and well. Movies like The Other Guys may come to mind, but that’s not what sticks out in my mind. Who can forget one of the best fictional movie trailers of all time? Willie Mays Hayes and Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura pair up in Black Hammer/White Lightning, which can easily be seen as the predecessor to the far inferior Cop Out.

The trailer got me thinking…which two sports stars would make the best Black Hammer/White Lightning combo? So far this is what I came up with (Black Hammer first…obviously):

  • The Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol
  • The Milwaukee Brewers‘ (for now at least) Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun (the fat/skinny combo would do wonders here)
  • The Philadelphia Phillies’ Ryan Howard and Chase Utlety (fat/skinny again)
  • I know they haven’t played together since high school, but just listening to Randy Moss and Jason Williams speak would produce non-stop laughs.
  • The Indianapolis Colts’ Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning (Peyton has already proven he’s got acting chops)
  • The PGA’s Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson (could really exploit that whole good cop/bad cop dynamic…I’ll let you guess which one is which)

Well I think that’s a good start, but I’m sure I missed a bunch. If you think of a good duo, just write it down in the comments field and it’ll probably be much better than mine. Before you submit a pair, just imagine them having the following exchange:

“Mine fell the hardest.”

“Mine are the deadest.”


(in unison) “HAHAHAHAHA”

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