YouTube Clip of the Day: Cheerleader Thrown Through Basketball Hoop

The debate has raged since 2000’s big-screen gem, Bring It On: is cheerleading a sport? Torrance Shipman would tell you it is, but I, along with most people, still consider it a “highly competitive activity” more than a sport.

The best thing to ever happen to cheerleading was this video, which was sent to me several years ago. If this is what cheerleading involved, I would have no problem classifying it as a sport.

This clip truly reveals how far we’ve come in terms of special effects. When I saw this I believed it immediately, but then heard rumblings that it was fake. When I looked at it for the first time in a while today…it couldn’t be more fake. It’s not even a good forgery.

Thanks a lot, Avatar, for taking the fun out of this clip for me. Next you’re going to tell me that the panda didn’t really sneeze. Shhh! I don’t want to know.

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