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Maybe Drafting Russell Westbrook Wasn’t Such a Bad Idea

TweetI’m not famous for much. I’ve recently stepped my game up, but for the past few years I’ve operated the modest I posted intermittently for a while and got a few readers here and there, but it’s safe to … Continue reading

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The Waffle-Tossing Tradition of Toronto Maple Leafs Fans

Tweet As a sports fan, there are positives and negatives to having lived in Toronto for the past few months. One negative is that instead of ESPN we have TSN and instead of SportsCenter we have SportsCentre. That wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Not Caring About the UConn Women’s Record Win Streak Doesn’t Make You a Chauvinist

Tweet Last night, the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team finally achieved the milestone everybody knew they were going to achieve. They won their 89th consecutive game, handily, to set the record for the most consecutive wins by any basketball … Continue reading

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YouTube Clip of the Day: Amazing Race Contestant Eats Watermelon

TweetThis is pretty old in terms of YouTube, so you may have seen this already…but even so it’s worth another look. I wasn’t sure if The Amazing Race qualified as sports, but I suppose it involves a significant amount of … Continue reading

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Photo: Nate Robinson Was a Jacked Little Kid

TweetLate post, but I just saw this on Nate Robinson‘s Twitter page (yes, I’m that cool that I’m looking at Nate Robinson’s Twitter page at 12:45 am on a Monday night/Tuesday morning) and it was way too good to pass … Continue reading

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