Stevie Wonder Will Never Play in the NBA

Would the NBA discriminate against him?

This story came down on Friday night, so sorry for waiting until after the weekend to write about it. The processing time actually did me some good anyway.

Any of us that watched Friday’s game between the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks heard the story that Dwyane Wade planned on wearing tinted goggles during the game to combat his chronic migraine headaches. If you continued watching the game, you also heard that the goggles Wade wore during the game were not the ones that he practiced with all week.


The NBA ruled that the glasses Wade planned to wear, the ones he wore during practice all week, were too dark and therefore created an unfair advantage because defenders couldn’t read his eyes. In my article about Wade I showed the extent of the NBA dress code, but this took it to another level.

Wade wasn’t prohibited from wearing the glasses because of the dress code, but rather because they created a clear advantage over the defender. I’m pretty sure that sunglasses are being put on the list of banned substances in the NBA.

The ruling that a defender needs to be able to see an offensive player’s eyes creates a slippery slope that the NBA may not be ready to handle.

What if at one point in the future, a blind man’s other senses are so enhanced that he knows where everyone on the court is without seeing them? You can’t use the guy’s eyes as an indicator, so is he prohibited from the NBA? Stevie Wonder‘s dreams of NBA glory were just crushed.

What if someone wears black contacts like LL Cool J in the “Deepest, Bluest (Shark’s Fin)” video? Does this create an unfair advantage?

I’m ready to see someone test this rule. It’s a dumb rule to begin with, since I’m not sure being able to see an offensive player’s eyes is a good thing in the first place. They always tell defenders to look at the offensive player’s belly button, not his head. If you couldn’t see a player’s eyes, the no-look pass would be virtually nullified. Steve Nash‘s productivity would immediately drop if he wore dark, tinted glasses.

Remember, he was only half as effective when this happened.

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  • Wonder

    What gives? They let NBA players wear dark, wrap-around sunglasses in NBA Live 98. This is an outrage.

    Besides, without dark sunglasses where would NBA also-ran Antoine Carr be?