UConn QB Johnny McEntee is a Magician…or a Very Good Editor

Let's hope he's a marketing major.

This was passed along to me a few days ago by my good friend and soon-to-be doctor Patrick “The Mick” Smith (the nickname comes from Mickey Mantle and is in no way a racial slur against the Irish…he’s not even Irish). Anyway, not being a football player I have no idea whether the stuff in this video is even possible, but it’s pretty unbelievable.

It looks real, but so did that Powerade commercial with LeBron repeatedly swishing full court fadeaways. Whether it’s real or not one thing’s for sure, Johnny McEntee is extremely talented…either with a football or with editing software. Either way it’s fun. Enjoy.

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  • Certified magician. He said in interviews it was all real, and we got one of the video editors who told us it was legit too. Forget football, they should cryogenically freeze the guy and stick him in a Smithsonian for his inhuman feats.