Jazz-Sloan-Williams Love Triangle Ends in Disaster, Just Like 90210

Don't ask me to choose.

It seems like this scenario has been played out hundreds of times. Not necessarily in the NBA, but definitely on various television teen dramas like The OC, Boy Meets World, and most famously, 90210. The love triangle has been played out time and time again for us and if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that everybody ends up getting hurt. The Utah Jazz found this out the hard way on Wednesday. Here’s what happened, in case you forgot to set the DVR.

A couple weeks ago long-time Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan shocked the NBA world by resigning just days after signing a one-year extension with the club. Some light was shed on the decision by Yahoo! Sports, among others, who cited that Sloan’s rocky relationship with his superstar point guardDeron Williams, finally came to a boil.

It makes sense that the two would fight. Williams is an up-tempo player who likes to run and Sloan’s offense is more of a half-court, pick-and-roll game (there were two guys in Utah a few years ago that ran it ok). So I guess after a final, massive blow-up that almost came to blows, Sloan or Williams gave Jazz management an “it’s him or me” ultimatum.

It reminds me of the Dylan-Brandon-Kelly love triangle on 90210. Brandon and Kelly had been dating for a while, and rock-solid Brand-O was ready to settle down, get married, and start pumping out kids. Meanwhile Kelly was being wooed by a reformed Dylan, who was promising her a life of travel, excitement, and wild, passionate, lovemaking. The conundrum ended in the iconic decision by Kelly Taylor: “I choose me.”

Kelly decided that instead of settling down with Brandon or being swept away by Dylan, she was going to dump both of them and figure out who she was as a person.

Now back to the Jazz. After the ultimatum it had appeared that they had chosen Williams, since Sloan resigned immediately after the altercation. The Jazz went with Dylan’s excitement over the stability of Brandon. Maybe they were a little scared, but they were optimistic about where this young rebel could take them.

But then today came the bombshell. The Jazz traded Deron Williams away to the New Jersey Nets. Now, two weeks after the love triangle came to a head, they are left with neither Sloan nor Williams. The Jazz effectively said, “I choose me.”

Now the Jazz are left to see who they are as an organization without Sloan or Williams, something that every girl-who’s-always-had-a-boyfriend-but-is-now-suddenly-single can tell you is never easy. The Jazz have already selected their rebound hook-up as they picked up point guard Devin Harris in the trade, but I’m sure they’ll quickly find that he’s no replacement for Williams.

Something tells me a lot of sleepless nights and longing pillow-smelling lie in the future for the Utah Jazz.

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    In effect, the Utah Jazz organization is dumber than Kelly Taylor.