Memo to College Athletes: Don’t Hang Out With Guys Named ‘Shady’


Shady is Shady

Looks harmless enough...but it's all about the name

This was a bad weekend for Notre Dame. On Sunday evening Ben Hansbrough and the Irish basketball team were suffocated and embarrassed against the super-athletic Florida State defense. Then we find out today that star wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested early Sunday morning (aka Saturday night) for DUI.

Floyd was arrested on campus, but that’s pretty much the only thing we know about the incident at this point. What we do know is that this was Floyd’s second brush with the law in 15 months.

In January 2010 he was cited for underage drinking when a party he was attending was broken up by the police because of a fight. Floyd was found with blood on his clothes, so it was assumed he was involved in the fight. Also involved in the fight was Floyd’s high school teammate and former Minnesota running back Shady Salamon.

In this day and age, a big deal is made about the company that athletes surround themselves with. You constantly see athletes getting in trouble for things that their “entourage” is doing. With that in mind, are you really going to hang out with a guy named Shady?!

Look, I’m sure they’re long-time friends and they’ve shared a lot of great times. Maybe Shady’s a great guy and has only a positive influence on Floyd. Even if that’s true, you should still avoid putting yourself in “risky” situations like house parties or nights at the bar with him. Only bad things can happen.

When the cops show up and start asking a bunch of drunk people about who started the fight, what name do you think will stand out their minds? “Um, let’s see there was Jeremy, Lucas…oh yeah wasn’t there a guy named Shady! He definitely started the fight!”

No word on whether Shady was involved in the DUI, so maybe Floyd learned his lesson. If he’s really a good friend, go see a movie. Play some video games. Have a rousing game of tennis. Do anything that doesn’t involve alcohol or drugs, and you should be fine.

I guess the moral of the story is that if you’re a young athlete and you find yourself thrust into the spotlight, try to avoid association with guys named “Shady”, “Sketchy”, “Trouble”, or “Career-Ender.”

Either that or just call him by his real name. I’m sure it’s something lovely like Keith or Nathaniel.

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