Dez Bryant Needs to Get His Pants Off the Ground


"I'm sorry sir, but you can't walk around the mall like this."

Coming into the draft, NFL teams worried about drafting receiver Dez Bryant. He was known to have some off-field issues and he supposedly didn’t have a very sunny disposition.

The Dallas Cowboys decided to take a chance and it appeared to be the right decision. Bryant had a strong rookie season before getting hurt, and had no real issues except for supposedly refusing to carry Roy Williams’ pads during training camp, which seemed to be a misunderstanding.

Well Bryant had another minor infraction Saturday, that could more aptly be described as a “wardrobe malfunction.”

That’s right, Bryant and his buddies were ejected from a Dallas shopping mall after reportedly refusing to pull up their sagging pants. Apparently their underwear was showing, which must have been horrifying, and Bryant and his three friends were escorted off the premises when they refused to pull their pants up.

Here at TheSportSpin, we were lucky enough to obtain exclusive video of the security guard, General Larry Platt.

Bryant says that his pants were at the appropriate level and it was only his friends whose underwear was exposed.

Platt said that he was positive that Bryant was “calling himself a cool cat” and he had “gold in his mouth, hat turned sideways.”

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  • Beth Johnson

    No offense, but if more men looked like Bryant, women wouldn’t be so repulsed by the sight of MOST of you. I mean looking at most of men makes a woman want to look directly into the Sun and sizzle their retinas like bacon. Just dreadful!

    Bryant can walk around looking any way he wants if the picture above is any indication of what those poor people at the mall had to witness. LOL!

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  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    i still got it

  • Looking like a fool with his pants on the ground!