YouTube Clip of the Day: Radford University Baseball Rain Delay Joust

This is why I love Northeast college baseball. It’s always raining and miserable, so players have to figure out ways to entertain themselves while alternating the seat next to the space heater in the dugout. Here’s one rather creative way to pass the time. Thanks to Yahoo! and Big League Stew for the post.

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  • Jerome Kersey

    Uh..Radford is in Virginia you moron, 10 minutes away from Blacksburg and Virginia Tech. High Point is in North Carolina, do either of those sound like they are in the Northeast?

    • Colin Ward-Henninger

      Anywhere where it rains on game day during baseball season is automatically. And if you read it, I never said that Radford or High Point was in the Northeast, I just said that’s why I love Northeast baseball. Reminds me of my days as a player.

      Thanks for reading and maturely calling me a moron. I liked you better when you played for the Trail Blazers.


      • Colin Ward-Henninger

        First line should read “Anywhere it rains on game day during baseball season is automatically the Northeast.”

        Apparently you were right…I am a moron.