A Sampling of Idiotic Dwight Howard Trade Ideas From Lakers Fans

This center can be yours...if...the price is right.

I love listening to sports talk radio and hearing clueless fans chime in with their cockamamie trade ideas. The L.A. radio stations have been blowing up since the idea of Dwight Howard came to the table.

I used to have to listen to all of these and jot them down but, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg (or the Winklevi…who knows?), we now have Facebook to document Lakers fans in all their idiocy.

ESPNLA recently posted the following fill-in-the-blank statement for Lakers fans to chime in on: I would trade ___________ for Dwight Howard.

Here are a few stupid responses…and a few clever ones as well:

  • Matt Barnes, Pau Gasol, some draft picks, and Caracter (where are these magical draft picks going to come from exactly? and why would anyone want them?)
  • Bynum and Walton (yes, because Luke’s $5.5 million per year until 2013 is quite appealing)
  • Frank McCourt (no way Orlando makes that trade)
  • Artest or whatever his “peace” name is now (straight up!)
  • Walton and Matt Barnes (I’m jumping all over that if I’m an Orlando fan)
  • Kwame Brown (hey, it worked to get Pau)
  • Jeanie Buss and the red-headed Laker Girl (now that Phil Jackson’s retired, it’s not out of the question)
  • And the prize goes to Frankie for coming up with this gem: “Trade Gasol nd Luke for Dwight Howard nd trade Derek Fisher nd Matt Barnes for Chris Paul” (I think we have a future David Kahn on our hands!)

Gotta love Laker fans.

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