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The Spin Cycle Podcast – Colin Talks to Sow About Ervin Santana’s Suspect No-Hitter and the MLB Hall of Fame

TweetAt long last, the podcast is back. It’s been way too long, so Sow and I get right into the nitty gritty: does a no-hitter count if you allow a run? On top of that we debate the MLB Hall … Continue reading

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YouTube Clip of the Day: Top That!

TweetWhat’s a girl to do if she has a crush on the hottest white teenage rapper this side of Vanilla Ice? Get your best friend (who also happens to be a witch) to suddenly bestow upon you the gift of … Continue reading

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Kurt Rambis: The Original Hipster

Fashion fads come and go like horrible network sitcoms, so sometimes it’s hard to keep track. The latest one that I’ve noticed (which means that it’s no longer cool and a new one has sprouted up in its place like a head on the Hydra) is that of the “Hipster.”

Please allow the good people at Urban Dictionary to provide a definition: Continue reading

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