YouTube Clip of the Day: Top That!

We will certainly never top this.

What’s a girl to do if she has a crush on the hottest white teenage rapper this side of Vanilla Ice? Get your best friend (who also happens to be a witch) to suddenly bestow upon you the gift of beats, rhymes, and life.

At least that’s the lesson we learn from the genre-bending 1989 classic, Teen Witch. Here Louise (the witch, who shows her acting chops by playing a non-witch in Karate Kid III) helps her uncool best friend attract the “funky” bad boy, Rhet.

Because there’s no name that says “I’m hot…and you’re not” quite like “Rhet.”

What ensues is what Rolling Stone writers voted as the freshest rap battle to ever take place…just edging out Tupac vs. Biggie. Yes, they were able to top that.

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