Brett ’40 Hands’ Lawrie To Make Blue Jays Debut Tonight

He really is Canadian, eh?

Friday, August 5 will inevitably go down as the greatest day in Canadian history. Not only is Canadian Ryan Reynolds’ revolutionary body-switch comedy The Change-Up debuting in theaters today, but the long-anticipated Blue Jays debut of Canadian prospect Brett Lawrie will also take place this evening.

While I originally thought The Change-Up was a biopic about Jamie Moyer, it turns out that the film has nothing to do with baseball. What does have to do with baseball, however, is that Brett Lawrie is considered one of the top prospects in the game, and the Jays dealt Shaun Marcum in the off-season to acquire the highly-touted Canadian third baseman.

Lawrie received the news of his call-up last night, and judging by his history (see above) I’m pretty sure he celebrated with a good old round of “Edward 40 Hands.”

He truly is Canadian through and through.

Thanks to millerparkdrunk for the photo.

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  • From what I’m hearing about him he can redeem Canada now that Morneau and Bay suck.