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Kim Kardashian, 1 – Tony La Russa, 0: The Sports Blog’s Dependence On Page Views

There’s no better sign of what’s become of the sports world than the sequence of events that took place today. This morning we were hit with the bombshell that Tony La Russa, fresh off his third World Series win, was going to retire.

A couple hours later that news was absolutely trounced by the news that the first lady of sports, Kim Kardashian herself, planned on filing for divorce from her husband of two months, Kris Humphries.

I’m sure there are tons of sportswriters and radio hosts who are up-in-arms that one of the best managers in the history of baseball is being overshadowed by a woman who’s made millions of dollars for doing nothing, but this isn’t going to be one of those rants. Continue reading

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John Axford Is Channeling Pete Vuckovich (aka Clue Haywood from Major League)

If you’ve watched any of the National League playoffs, you’ve no doubt taken note of the handlebar ‘stache that Milwaukee Brewers’ closer John Axford is currently rocking. What you may not know, is that the look is not original…not even for the Brewers.

The Fu-Man-Chu/mullet combination reminded me of someone, but I could’t put my finger on it. Finally it dawned on me that he looks like Pete Vuckovich, better known by the members of my generation as Clue Haywood from Major League. Continue reading

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Jim Leyland Is Either Lying or Senile

After leading the Tigers to the ALCS, I’m pretty sure that 66-year-old Jim Leyland hasn’t lost his mental faculties just yet. But how can I be sure when he comes out and says something like he said today?

Leyland’s team lost to the Rangers yesterday to fall into a 3-1 hole, meaning that the media is (for once) actually describing tonight’s Game 5 as a “must-win.” Anybody who watched Bobby Boucher play on the offensive side of the ball in the championship game knows that in a must-win all hands are on deck and you can’t hold anything back. Continue reading

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