John Axford Is Channeling Pete Vuckovich (aka Clue Haywood from Major League)

Not so original, are we John?

If you’ve watched any of the National League playoffs, you’ve no doubt taken note of the handlebar ‘stache that Milwaukee Brewers‘ closer John Axford is currently rocking. What you may not know, is that the look is not original…not even for the Brewers.

The Fu Manchu/mullet combination reminded me of someone, but I could’t put my finger on it. Finally it dawned on me that he looks like Pete Vuckovich, better known by the members of my generation as Clue Haywood from Major League.

So that means Axford is either a fan of late-80s baseball movies or is well-versed in Brewers history. Hopefully both. Vuckovich wouldn’t be a bad guy to emulate, as he went 18-6 and won the Cy Young for the 1982 Brewers, the last Brewers squad to make the World Series.

Then again, he only pitched three more years and won eight more total games in his career. So maybe the AxFaceKilla should come up with a new look after this season.

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