Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #10

People jumped all over yesterday’s quiz, as I suspected. Nobody forgets goggle-clad Reds infielder Chris Sabo. There may or may not be a post coming about the best goggles in sports history…stay tuned.

Meanwhile take a crack at this one. Try to keep the momentum going…

Position: Pitcher     Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

Height: 6′4″      Weight: 209 lbs.

Bats: left      Throws: left

Will……………….need to find niche

Can’t……………..keep ball in park

Expect…………..hits from righties

Don’t Expect…….control to be fine

______ changed his pitching philosophy last summer. Instead of nibbling at the corners, he started challenging the hitters. Working from the stretch instead of taking a full windup, he reverted to the style that helped him win 20 games in the minors in 1990. He changed speeds on his pitches—a fastball, a curveball, and a slider—and kept batters guessing. He won his first two starts after joining the Pittsburgh rotation in June but returned to relief duty after encountering less-than-sparkling success in five other starts…Because he stranded only about 60 percent of inherited runners and threw too many gopher balls, his future may lie in the starting rotation; his stamina is questionable, though. ______ was a highly regarded prospect in the Twins’ organization who had enough promise to be traded for a 20-game winner in John Smiley. ______ needs work at holding runners.

Hmmm…a lefty reliever who can’t hold runners or get righties out, and gives up homeruns like it’s his job. Sounds like he might not last.

Believe it or not this guy ended up starting for 10 more seasons, being a two-time All-Star, and finishing third in the Cy Young voting in 1996. So much for scouting reports.

So who could it be?


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