Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #18

I remember when yesterday’s answer, Kevin Appier, was fat and over the hill and pitching for the Angels later in his career. He still had terrible mechanics but was strangely effective. It begs the question: is it better to have four or five great years and then get hurt or 15-20 mediocre years injury-free?

Think about that after you figure out today’s player.

Position: Outfield     Team: New York Yankees

Height: 6’2″             Weight: 200 lbs.

Bats: both               Throws: right

Will……………….destroy left-handers

Can’t…………… a Gold Glove

Expect…………..line drives

Don’t Expect…….many steals

______ is proving to be a talented if erratic player. He has decent range and speed, which unfortunately led to outfield collisions that injured Danny Tartabull and Randy Velarde. If ______ can stop running into his teammates, he could help the Yankees…A very patient hitter in the past, ______ took 53 walks last year but fanned a surprising 106 times…The Yankees expected more power from ______ and were distressed that he hasn’t made use of his speed on offense…He was touted in the minors as a coming superstar, which now seems somewhat unlikely. ______ is probably not going to post All-Star numbers as an outfielder soon, but his tools make him a helpful player. He is still young enough to iron out some of the kinks in his game.

This one might be a bit easy for some of you, but I used it because of how off the prediction is. This book is, for the most part, eerily accurate about player projections, but this one is pretty bad. It was right about him destroying left-handers, but it was wrong about him not being able to win a Gold Glove (he won four) and not being an All-Star (he was selected five times). Turns out he was that superstar that the Yankees hoped he would be.

Well I’ve pretty much given it away now, but in case you’re still unsure…


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