Blake Griffin Sports Illustrated Cover: Enough With The Curses!

Griffin is the first Clipper on the SI cover since...Darius Miles? Dear God.

Am I the only one that cringes every time Blake Griffin appears in a commercial or graces the cover of a national magazine?

I understand that Griffin is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA right now and everybody is constantly seeking the coveted 18-25 demographic…but at what cost?

Griffin is already dealing with the biggest curse of all, being a Clipper, and that already cost him a season-ending knee surgery before his career even began. So every time he appears on the cover of a magazine, such as this week’s SI cover, he’s just tempting fate.

You know who the last Clipper to appear on the cover of SI was? Darius Miles. Need I say more? What’s next, Blake Griffin on the cover of Madden 13?

I love watching Griffin play and I want to keep watching him play, so do us all a favor and stop jinxing him by promoting him as the new face of the league. He’s either going to get hurt or start playing like the guys who had their talent stolen by the MonStars.

Blake Griffin is amazing but, for his sake, let’s keep that our little secret.

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