Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #30

Let’s start this holiday week off right with baseball’s version of “Ghosts of Christmas Past.” Except these guys don’t haunt you, they’re just awesome.

Position: Pitcher     Team: Montreal Expos

Height: 6’2″             Weight: 175 lbs.

Bats: right               Throws: right

Will……………….keep ball in field

Can’t……………..whiff many batters

Expect…………..terrific splitter

Don’t Expect……opponents to hit

Like Jack Benny, ______ enjoys his reputation for being stingy; he’s a real miser with the gopher ball. Last year ______ surrendered only about seven and one-half hits per nine innings, walked about three and one-half over the same span, and held hitters to a composite average near .230. A power pitcher whose fastball has been timed at 95 mph, ______ also uses a split-fingered fastball and a curveball. The splitter, his No. 1 pitch, is one of the best in baseball. ______ doesn’t get many strikeouts, but induces batters to hit the ball on the ground. Although he has been known to help himself with his bat and his glove, ______ has one affliction, namely an inability to keep runners from stealing…In 1992, his best year, he went 16-9 and threw a one-hitter for the Expos.

You know you’re good when your description says “Don’t Expect….opponents to hit.” Surprisingly, this guy did not throw a no-hitter every time out for the rest of his career. At least they made up for it with the Jack Benny reference.


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