Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #33

Terry Steinbach wasn’t much of a head-scratcher for most of you. Or a butt-scratcher for that matter.

Today we have a special treat—a rookie prospect. This book did its best to predict the futures of 100 highly-touted minor leaguers, sometimes with great success and sometimes with disastrous failure. I’ll let you guess which one this is.

Position: Outfield     Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Height: 6’0″             Weight: 160 lbs.

Bats: left               Throws: left

Will……………….hit triples

Can’t……………..rule out majors in ’94

Expect…………..left fielder

Don’t Expect……sharp eye at plate

Though a third-round pick, ______ happened to be the Dodgers’ first selection in the 1991 draft, so they have high hopes for him, especially in view of how some of their first-rounders have flopped. He is part of a projected outfield of Billy Ashley and Roger Cedeno, with ______ most likely playing left field. He is blessed with both power and speed, and in 1992 led Bakersfield of the Class-A California League in hits, doubles, triples, homers, RBI, and stolen bases. In 1993, he followed up by making a healthy contribution to the offense at San Antonio of the Double-A Texas League, even though he batted just .183 in July…He had several good months there, however, and was named the No. 9 prospect in the circuit by Baseball America. ______ must work on making contact more consistently. He could probably also sharpen his stolen base percentage a bit, as he was thrown out in 13 of 40 attempts in ’92.

The Los Angeles contingent might have figured this one out quickly, but it was well worth it to hear about the “dream outfield” of Billy Ashley, this guy, and Roger Cedeno. Hard to believe that didn’t work out.


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