Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #37

I’m going to take your silence yesterday to mean that you didn’t know the answer. Either that or you were so entertained that you couldn’t stop laughing long enough to comment or text. Yeah, we’ll go with that second one. Hopefully today’s is just as hilarious.

Position: Shortstop     Team: Philadelphia Phillies

Height: 6’1″            Weight: 178 lbs.

Bats: both               Throws: right

Will……………….play every day

Can’t……………..hit .324

Expect…………..some defensive lapses

Don’t Expect……extra-base power

______ came to the Phillies from Triple-A ball July 7 after all of Philadelphia’s other shortstop options had been exhausted. Displaying little awe of big-league pitching, he hit remarkably well during the pennant drive. In addition to his gaudy average, ______ drew 30 walks and batted .395 against left-handers. All of this being said, ______’s production should fall off noticeably in 1994. Defensively, he has his problems. He often botches routine grounders and does not throw well. At the plate, there are reasons to be skeptical. ______ has never hit anywhere close to .324 in the minor leagues…______ also has little power. Batting eighth, many of his walks were of the “unintentional intentional” variety. He does have decent speed and is viewed as an intelligent player…If ______ can hit .270 and improve defensively, Philadelphia skipper Jim Fregosi will be very happy.

Wow, I’ve never seen anyone tear down a .324 rookie campaign quite like that. Truly impressive. The line, “He often botches routine grounders and does not throw well” might be my favorite line in the entire book. All I can think of when I read it is Tanner Boyle’s error montage from Bad News Bears.


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