Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #39

This is a special post for me, since I wore #39 during my storied career with the Yale baseball team. With that in mind, I’ll try to make this one memorable. Well, not really.

Position: Shortstop     Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Height: 5’9″            Weight: 170 lbs.

Bats: right               Throws: right

Will……………….light up lefty pitching

Can’t……………..avoid frequent strikeouts

Expect…………..speed to pay dividends

Don’t Expect……injury wave to continue

The sophomore jinx took particular aim at 1992 AL Rookie of the Year ______. Heading into last season, ______ had expected to maintain the form that made him Milwaukee’s first 50-steal player. Instead, a wave of injuries interceded. Starting in spring training, ______ suffered a cyst in his mouth, various back and knee injuries, a torn hamstring, and a viral infection that led to walking pneumonia. A natural right-hander who switch-hits, ______ loves left-handed pitching but sometimes struggles against righties. He’s an accomplished bunter who can sacrifice or drag for base hits…He has the patience to wait for walks but fans far too frequently for a singles hitter. He hits well in the clutch, however. The converted second baseman has great range and a good arm at short. For the Brewers to climb back to respectability, they need ______ to provide a spark and some speed.

First of all, if you mention his switch-hitting capabilities in the post, you should probably change that whole “bats:right” thing in the header. Second of all, this guy was like a walking infantry unit. A cyst in his mouth? Viral infection? Walking pneumonia!? I’m surprised he even made it back to the field.

CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER (love that his baseball card has a picture of him getting jammed and breaking his bat…wow…)

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