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Photo: Big Baby Davis Welcomes You Back To NBA Action

Tweet Regular season NBA action returns tonight after the All-Star break. In honor of the occasion I thought I’d post this alluring classic pic of Big Baby Davis. I think it came down to him and Michelle Williams for the … Continue reading

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What The NHL Trade Deadline Moves Really Mean

The NHL trade deadline came and went on Monday as a number of teams added pieces for that final playoff push. Rick Nash not being traded was the day’s biggest story, but there were a number of important deals on Monday and the days leading up to the deadline. I thought it would be a great idea to have a trade recap, but also know that every sports website will have the inevitable “Winners and Losers at the Deadline” article. It’s always an amazingly insightful read for any sports fan who wants to see how their team did… Continue reading

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Kobe vs. LeBron: It’s Kobe by a Nose

Kobe is Kobe. LeBron is LeBron.

With less than a minute left in the All-Star game, Kobe Bryant is mildly concussed with a busted nose. LeBron James is rolling, bombing three’s indiscriminately and getting to the rim at will. Kobe, being Kobe, chooses to guard LeBron on the last possession. Continue reading

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NBA All-Star Game And Oscars Share Similar Problem: Predictability

Let’s say your goofy-looking, street-balling friend who bears a striking similarity to Cindy Brady made a hook shot from halfcourt to get you a spot on Jeopardy!. And let’s say, after thoroughly destroying the competition with your knowledge of foods that start with the letter “Q”, your confidence allows you to bet all your winnings on the Final Jeopardy category: February Television.

You’re smiling and brimming with confidence until you finally hear our favourite Canadian Alex Trebek read the answer: This Sunday in February used to be highly regarded as must-see television, but has been on a steady decline and has finally reached the point that it is so predictable that it is nearly unwatchable.
Uh oh, here comes the music. What’s the response? Continue reading

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It’s Time To Include Non-NBA Players In The Dunk Contest

When I was growing up, there were two exhibition events that I looked forward to more than anything else. One was the MLB Home Run Derby, in which I got to see juiced up sluggers like Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, and Sammy Sosa hit moon shots deep into the night while Chris Berman made sounds similar to those made by a man suffering an embolism.

The other, of course, was the NBA Slam Dunk competition. As a taller-than average young man and an avid basketball player, it was always my dream to dunk. I fondly remember sneaking onto elementary school playgrounds with my friends to attempt ferocious dunks on the 8-foot rims. We were always astounded to find out how hard it was to do the dunks we saw every February in the dunk contest, even on the significantly lower rims. When I was a sophomore in high school and started feebly dunking on 10-foot rims, I gained even more respect for the guys that dazzled us in the competition. Continue reading

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