Devin Setoguchi: Sports Blooper Gold

Poor Devin Setoguchi will go down in hockey history under the category of “most embarrassing way to lose a game.” The guy could have missed the net entirely, but as long as he took a shot it wouldn’t have been as bad as this:

Yikes. Again, there is no guarantee he would have made it, but you have to at least take a shot after your team came roaring back down three goals with under four minutes to go to tie Montreal. How about just stay on your feet at the very least?

Now Setoguchi will get a pass from me for one reason and one reason only. He scored with 10 seconds left to tie the game in regulation, get his team a point, and send the game into overtime. Unfortunately Devin, no one is going to remember that. They will remember you lying face down on the ice.

Montreal goaltender Carey Price summed the game up best: “It was pretty wild.” Get it? Wild? Like the Minnesota Wild? Because theynever mind.

The best shootout goal I’ve ever seen came earlier this season. I guess this the Hockey God’s way of balancing everything out.

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