Five Emotional Moments You Will See In Every NBA Playoff Montage

Big Shot Bob does it again...

The beginning of the playoffs is an exciting time for any NBA fan. One reason is because the last two months have been so boring that we welcome any semblance of basketball games that actually mean something. And don’t try to tell me that you were genuinely entertained by the Charlotte Bobcats‘ race for all-time futility, the heated race for the eighth and final playoff spot between the Phoenix Suns, Utah Jazz, and Houston Rockets, or the Golden State Warriors’ desperate attempt to lose as many games as possible with the hopes of retaining their right to this year’s first round draft pick.

Actually that last one was kind of fun. I present to you the seven players that played for the Warriors in their final regular season game against the San Antonio Spurs last night:

  • Chris Wright
  • Mickell Gladness
  • Jeremy Tyler
  • Charles Jenkins
  • Klay Thompson
  • Mikki Moore
  • Dominic McGuire

The only one of those guys you’ve heard of is probably Thompson, and that’s only because he got busted for pot possession in college.

My point is that tanking is awesome the playoffs are finally here, and we finally have something to be excited about once again. Part of what fuels the excitement of the playoffs are the endless commercials, replays, and montages that remind us of just how emotional players and fans can get during some of these moments.

You will likely see dozens of plays in these montages, but there are five that I can guarantee will be in all of them. I thought it best that we prepare ourselves now, so we don’t end up bawling like toddlers in front of the guys the first time they get shown.

Yes, they make us cry. Yes, they make us smile. But most importantly they remind us of the reason we watch basketball in the first place. I mean besides The Birdman, of course.





And if you haven broken out the Kleenex box yet, go get it…


There are obviously a lot of others, including Jordan’s game-winner in what was supposed to be his last game ever, Larry Bird‘s steal/pass to Dennis Johnson, and any one of several Robert Horry moments. But I think the five above are the staples—the ones that will elicit a response from most NBA fans.

Hopefully we’ll have more this year, but my money is on the Spurs slowly, mechanically, and systematically destroying their competition. The Spurs have won four championships in the past decade and change, but I dare you to try to find an emotional clip of them on YouTube.

Does not exist.

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  • Wonder

    Two shots I would love to see in the mix:

    (1) Reggie Miller shoving Jordan and bombing a three

    (2) Rex Chapman’s inbound turnaround fadeaway three when he was with Phoenix