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That's me. I like baseball.

Colin Ward-Henninger (Founder/Head Writer) – I am a sports writer who has always taken an interest in the greater issues that sports bring to light. I’m currently a freelance journalist doing work for several different websites. I graduated from Yale University in 2005 with an English degree…I know, I know. When I realized that wasn’t doing as much for me as I hoped it would, I got my Masters in Journalism from Quinnipiac University.

I also played baseball for 4 years in college, played professionally with the Chico Outlaws (for about two weeks before getting cut), and was one hell of a basketball player in high school. Don’t believe me? Check out this L.A. Times article about me written by the current Lakers beat writer Mike Bresnahan.

So what is TheSportSpin? Basically I got sick of blogs that are only concerned with getting hits. Headlines have gone from “Jordan’s 45 Points Lift Bulls Past Sixers” to “Pics of Brian Urlacher’s Girlfriend’s Nip Slip in Stands During Bears’ 17-13 Win Over Lions”. Often times it’s just a race to see who can get the headline up the quickest…regardless of the actual content of the post.

I can’t blame them…the internet is ruled by Google and money is determined by how many visitors you attract to your site. I get it. But I thought it was time for a site that provided not only the information, but also an opinion. Anyone can find out “what happened” on their phone within 20 seconds of it happening. What they can’t get right away are funny, clever takes that make them think about something in a new way. And that’s what I’m trying to do. Hence the tagline: You’ve seen the headline. Now get the spin. Ah, It’s all starting to make sense.

This being the distant future (the year 2012), you can obviously find me through social network sites (the nifty buttons on the right side of the screen) and through email at colin@thesportspin.com. If you think an article is funny, insightful, insensitive, or just plain stupid, let me know by commenting either here or on Facebook. It only makes me stronger.


J.D. Hollis – J.D. “Big Boy” Hollis played baseball at Yale University, was drafted by the Texas Rangers, and played four seasons of professional baseball. But that’s only because he couldn’t play QB for the Jaguars. J.D. now focuses on football, highlighting the league’s latest moves with his trademark sense of…flair? He also shreds the guitar and writes for the music blog, Atlas Rocked.

Josh Sowers – Josh also pitched for Yale University before being drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. He traded in his spikes for a corporate job, but that doesn’t stop him from joining Colin on the podcast almost every week. Josh is the definition of a “movie snob”—his distaste for movies like War Horse is palpable—and his posts generally reflect his no-nonsense approach to life.

Ryan Kantor – Ryan is a student at the University of Southern California studying public relations. He worked for two years for the Dodgers Dream Foundation, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ non-profit organization. He currently works for the Los Angeles Kings Communications Department. Unlike most contributors to the website, he is a pretty terrible baseball player. He was born and raised in Los Angeles county and currently lives in downtown Los Angeles.

Evan Ward-Henninger – The last name isn’t just a coincidence—Evan and Colin are brothers. Evan is the biggest NBA fan you will ever meet, and believes that you can’t judge a player until you see him in the playoffs. His favorite players include Kevin Johnson, Armon Gilliam, and Chris Gatling. He is also a screenwriter and currently works as the membership manager at Film Independent.

  • Pvdsports

    Congrats Colin. nice move to this type of site.

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  • N. Huddleston

    Colin, you’re a mack.


  • Alex Jeffrey

    Hi Colin-

    Following up to your recent post on the Celtics’ win and the Doc Rivers Gatorade dunk – many people have wondered what did Doc do with his clothes?

    Well, we thought you’d appreciate this great story about his Gatorade soaked shirt and cooler from the first ever Gatorade dunk in the NBA, which generated $55,000 for charity. Below is a clip of Bill Parcells calling in to a Boston radio station on behalf of Gatorade to place a bid for the memorabilia. Parcells was the recipient of the first Gatorade dunk in 1985.

    Clip link: https://filexchange.fleishmanhillard.com/confirmedaspx/104109530240536/Bill_Parcells_Bid_on_WEEI_6-24_200806241106111.mp3

    Parcells’ surprise appearance on WEEI kicked off a furious round of bidding. When the dust settled, Gatorade stepped aside to let a passionate Celtics fan place a winning bid of $35,000 – but Gatorade tossed in an extra $10,000 donation for the Celtics Shamrock Foundation. Another fan, spurred on by the exchange, later added $10,000 to bring the total charitable donation to $55,000.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Alex Jeffrey
    On Behalf of Gatorade

  • joe sciuto

    Hey Colin,
    Nice blog! I’m starting a blog on the Buckley website myself…
    I’ve never been a fan of Clemens’, so if this is all true, it makes me giggle, although I do agree with you that it belongs on Access Hollywood and not in the sports page!
    Joe Sciuto