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The 10 Biggest Babies in the NBA

What’s the deal with very tall NBA Basketball players acting very childish? Over the years, the NBA has seen its fair share of players that could use a visit to the Zoltan machine. Anyone remember Officer Olden Polynice? How about that unstoppable phenomenon, Shaq-Fu?

For some reason, this year, NBA big men have have taken childishness to a whole new stratosphere. Here are a few crucial offenders: Continue reading

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Dwight Shmight: Why The Magic Won’t Win With Howard

The Orlando Magic will not win an NBA Championship in the foreseeable future.

This fact became glaringly clear to me after watching Dwyane Wade single-handedly put the boots to the Magic in the closing moments of Sunday night’s loss to the Heat. Now that the “Dwight fight” is finally over and we know that the Magic will finish the season with virtually the same team that got bounced out of the first round by the perpetually middling Hawks, I find myself suffering from a distinct case of deja vu. Continue reading

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Kobe vs. LeBron: It’s Kobe by a Nose

Kobe is Kobe. LeBron is LeBron.

With less than a minute left in the All-Star game, Kobe Bryant is mildly concussed with a busted nose. LeBron James is rolling, bombing three’s indiscriminately and getting to the rim at will. Kobe, being Kobe, chooses to guard LeBron on the last possession. Continue reading

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