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Roger Goodell Should Have Let Players Handle ‘Bounty’ Punishment

I’m not going to pretend that I know more than NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. He’s a smart guy. He was presented all of the facts. He personally knows all of the parties. And at the end of the day, he was appointed to role of decision-maker because he, above all, understands how to make the NFL better. And it has certainly worked. The NFL is the highest-rated and most popular sport in America. But despite what I believe were his best intentions, the punishments handed out today to the New Orleans Saints were ridiculous.

Everyone is probably familiar with the story by now. The Saints defense operated a bounty system over the past three seasons that compensated players for injuring the opposition. For example, if you knocked the QB or another star player out of the game you might collect $10,000.

And this led to quite the punishment. Continue reading

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Making The Case For ‘Moneyball’ For Best Picture

TweetThere’s no doubt that baseball has its place in Hollywood.  The sport has been the focus of numerous films, ranging wide in quality and genre.  We’ve seen the comedy (Major League), the kid fantasy (Little Big League) the insider (Bull … Continue reading

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