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Annoying Fan Behavior #21: Telling A Player He Sucks

Nelson Cruz took a lot of flak for not making the catch on David Freese’s game-tying triple to right field in Game Six of the World Series. Cruz went back on the ball, seemed to slow down as he neared the wall, and mistimed his jump, allowing the ball to land over his head.

I can’t imagine how many Rangers fans shouted, “YOU SUCK!” in Cruz’s direction as the ball caromed off the wall.

Really, Rangers fans? Cruz tied an MLB record by blasting eight dingers in the postseason, but suddenly he sucks because he didn’t catch a ball that was about three feet from going over the fence?

That was just one instance of Annoying Fan Behavior #21: Telling a Player He Sucks. I’ve started a personal crusade to end this type of behavior, and I think this is a great place to start. Continue reading

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Spin Cycle Podcast – Colin and Sow Discuss Annoying Fans And The Movie That Best Represents The 90s

In this edition of the Spin Cycle Podcast, Sow and I talk about the use of “we” vs. “they” when it comes to your favorite sports team.

After that we try our best to come up with the quintessential 90s movie. It’s quite an interesting discussion and if you think we missed any, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments field. Continue reading

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One Man’s Quest To End AFB: Annoying Fan Behavior

We’ve all been there. You invite your friends over to watch the game, but one of them takes it upon himself to bring Dave from work. While you and your friends are doing your thing, Dave starts off quiet but slowly starts making little interjections here and there.

You don’t completely agree with what Dave’s saying, but you appreciate him taking an interest and you don’t want to be a discourteous host. You break for halftime and chow down on some hot wings while Dave tells you about how he was “really into sports” growing up and that he’s happy to “finally have a group of guys to watch games with.” Continue reading

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