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Fourteen-Year-Old Middle Schooler Chris Lewis Offered Two Basketball Scholarships

The ramifications of the one-and-done rule were never more prevalent than in early April, when the entire starting five (three freshmen and two sophomores) of the national champion Kentucky Wildcats decided to declare for the NBA draft. Usually when so many youngsters leave for the NBA, there are critics saying that they should have stayed in college, but you didn’t hear much of that about this crew. Continue reading

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Spin Cycle Podcast – Colin Talks With Rass About March Madness 2012

Tweet Oh it’s about that time…March Madness is upon us. So I had no choice but to call my good friend Rass to get all the inside info about this year’s NCAA tournament. You’ll be treated to such gems as … Continue reading

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Struggles Of Howland, UCLA Reveal Larger Problem Within NCAA Hoops

I woke up to a text yesterday from my good buddy Rass (the authority on all things college basketball) that said, “This story about Ben Howland and UCLA is incredible. It’s on today’s SI.”

Next I opened up Facebook and saw the story posted all over the walls of my Los Angeles network, and my mind swelled with anticipation of a tale of corruption, sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, with a possible appearance by several garden gnomes.

I opened up the story (the 50+ audience is picturing a newspaper or magazine; 50 and below are picturing a Google Chrome window…love technology) and set aside half an hour to read the in-depth feature about a UCLA program that has slipped from its historically astronomical standards. The story claimed to have spoken with several sources from recent UCLA teams and cataloged a trend of inappropriate, evil-spirited, and sometimes illegal activity that has plagued the program from 2008 until the present. Continue reading

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Annoying Fan Behavior #4: Sporting the Apparel of a Team That’s Not Even Playing

When attending games, fans often wear clothing affiliated with the home team to show their support. They’ll put on a hat, t-shirt, jersey, or their favorite player’s hair to show that they’re proud to be a fan of their local team.

Likewise, courageous fans of the visiting team often wear clothing representing their squad to make sure that everyone in the stadium knows where their loyalties lie. It’s a sign of a true fan that you’re willing to wear your team’s logo knowing that you’re going to get booed for the majority of the game.

But there is a third type of fan—a fan who inexplicably wears the gear of neither the home team nor the visiting team. He or she is the victim of Annoying Fan Behavior #4: Sporting the Apparel of a Team That’s Not Even Playing. Continue reading

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The Sad State Of Sports In Los Angeles

This past week the greater Los Angeles area was ravaged by robust winds that left thousands without power and caused massive trees to be uprooted and fall on everything from cars to houses. But that disaster paled in comparison to what I had to endure on Saturday when I watched the UCLA men’s basketball team lose to Texas.

No, I’m not talking about the 20-minute delay when the winds knocked out the lights at the L.A. Sports Arena. I’m talking about what took place on the court after that. Continue reading

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