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One Man’s Quest To End AFB: Annoying Fan Behavior

We’ve all been there. You invite your friends over to watch the game, but one of them takes it upon himself to bring Dave from work. While you and your friends are doing your thing, Dave starts off quiet but slowly starts making little interjections here and there.

You don’t completely agree with what Dave’s saying, but you appreciate him taking an interest and you don’t want to be a discourteous host. You break for halftime and chow down on some hot wings while Dave tells you about how he was “really into sports” growing up and that he’s happy to “finally have a group of guys to watch games with.” Continue reading

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Cappie Pondexter Attempts to Create ‘Badass’ WNBA Image with Racist Tweets

Our hearts stopped when we heard about the horrific earthquake in Japan last week. We immediately felt for the victims and their families, and may of us took to prayer and/or donations to try to do our part. Cappie Pondexter, who plays for the New York Liberty of the WNBA, had a different reaction.

Pondexter heard the news and did what millions of people did: took to Twitter. It’s just what we do when these things happen in today’s world. However, that’s pretty much where her similarities to the rest of us stop. Pondexter tweeted (according to Continue reading

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We Got Next

TweetIs it just me, or is the WNBA rapidly becoming the most exciting pro sport in the country? Alright, well maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but “the W” went from obscurity and ridicule to headlining SportsCenter this week with … Continue reading

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