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The Sad State Of Sports In Los Angeles

This past week the greater Los Angeles area was ravaged by robust winds that left thousands without power and caused massive trees to be uprooted and fall on everything from cars to houses. But that disaster paled in comparison to what I had to endure on Saturday when I watched the UCLA men’s basketball team lose to Texas.

No, I’m not talking about the 20-minute delay when the winds knocked out the lights at the L.A. Sports Arena. I’m talking about what took place on the court after that. Continue reading

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The Number 11: Great Moments in History

I had to do something for 11-11-11, and other websites have already done the best #11’s in sports history. Who posts a story about 11-11-11 on November 9th? Seriously.

Anyway, I’ve decided to take it a step further and catalog the greatest moments in the history of the number 11, sports or otherwise. My 11th birthday narrowly missed the cut, although that was one hell of an ice cream cake. Continue reading

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One Man’s Quest To End AFB: Annoying Fan Behavior

We’ve all been there. You invite your friends over to watch the game, but one of them takes it upon himself to bring Dave from work. While you and your friends are doing your thing, Dave starts off quiet but slowly starts making little interjections here and there.

You don’t completely agree with what Dave’s saying, but you appreciate him taking an interest and you don’t want to be a discourteous host. You break for halftime and chow down on some hot wings while Dave tells you about how he was “really into sports” growing up and that he’s happy to “finally have a group of guys to watch games with.” Continue reading

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YouTube Clip of the Day: Best Celebration Ever?

Tweet This one came out a couple of months ago, and I have to say that Chad Ochocinco has nothing on Icelandic soccer players. The boys from FC Stjarnan come up with a celebration that, well, is just too great … Continue reading

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Shootout Shenanigans

Tweet I have to admit, soccer has definitely grown on me. It used to be just as taboo as hockey in my household, but now I can sit through most of a soccer match (even though I don’t understand what’s … Continue reading

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