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Chris Davis And The Greatest Out-Of-Position Performances Of All Time

Yesterday afternoon I was treated to one of the greatest endings to a baseball game I have ever seen. No, it wasn’t the playoffs. No, there wasn’t a dramatic walk-off homerun. No, it didn’t involve Bryce Harper. What made the Baltimore Orioles’ 9-6 victory over the Boston Red Sox yesterday so special is that by the end of it, the 17th inning, the two pitchers of record were both position players.

What made it even more special is that the Orioles first baseman Chris Davis not only picked up the win—the first for an American League position player since 1968—but he was also downright filthy. When a position player is called upon to pitch, you generally expect to see him throwing fastballs in the low 80s, maybe mixing in a slow curve or a bad slider just to mix things up. Continue reading

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Bandwagons To Jump On (And Off) After Five Days Of Baseball

Possibly the best part of opening week in baseball is watching people jump on bandwagons and hit panic buttons with equal prematurity (side note: I use the term “panic button” way too frequently not to have one on my office desk. I could just imagine getting 200 words into a post, drawing a blank, and quickly reaching for the panic button). The first week is a time, long before the doldrums of August, that players and fans are excited at the possibilities of what may lie ahead.

Every season has early surprises, both good and bad, and this season is no exception. As a result fans tend to extrapolate the first week stats over the entire season, which we know makes no sense in a 162 game season, but we just can’t help ourselves. Most of the time we’re wrong (Albert Pujols last season), but sometimes we’re right (Adam Dunn last season). Continue reading

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Spring Training Isn’t Just For Youngsters…It’s For Old Guys Too

TweetThere’s something about spring training that takes us to a special place. Whether it’s the sunshine, the freshly cut grass, or the leathery-skinned senior fans wearing straw hats, it’s hard to watch a spring training game without a smile creeping … Continue reading

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Oriole Luke Scott Says Barack Obama Wasn't Born in America

Tweet Don’t know how I missed this one, but apparently Baltimore Oriole Luke Scott is not a fan of President Barack Obama. The Orioles’ leading homerun hitter last year, Scott went off on a diatribe in an interview with Yahoo! … Continue reading

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Orioles trade for 767 Career Strikeouts

Tweet The Baltimore Orioles gave up young pitcher David Hernandez Monday in exchange for a guaranteed 200+ strikeouts from the third base position. The Orioles acquired Mark Reynolds from the Arizona Diamondbacks, apparently lured in by the other number that … Continue reading

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