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You Need To Calm Down, Boston…Seriously…

I know it was something called “Patriots’ Day” and three-quarters of the city was drunk (the rest were running a marathon), but yesterday the people of Boston fed the stereotype of being an over-sensitive, reactionary, trigger-happy fan base. This time poor Bobby Valentine was the target, and the Boston media, fans, and players were, and continue to be, the assailants.

It all started with a question about Kevin Youkilis, who is off to a slow start this season after having a sub-par, injury-plagued 2011, on Valentine’s appearance on WHDH’s Sports Extra talk show. Continue reading

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Bobby Valentine Nowhere To Be Found In Boston, But This Guy Is All Over The Place

Bobby Valentine has yet to be found by media looking for comment regarding his new position with the Boston Red Sox. By contrast, this mustachioed mystery man has been seen roaming the streets of Boston, hiding in dark alleys, and causing a general disturbance. Continue reading

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