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LeBron Watching LeBron (Photo)

This is a picture from a series of little-known LeBron James photos published on Sports Illustrated’s website today. I found this one particularly appropriate, given the foreshadowing of “The Decision.” Continue reading

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LeBron James Takes Shaggy’s Advice: ‘It Wasn’t Me!’

Tweet It seems that LeBron James has predictably gone back on his tweet from Tuesday when he seemingly took a shot at the Cleveland Cavaliers regarding their 55-point loss to the Los Angeles Lakers: Despite LeBron’s comments to the contrary … Continue reading

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Making the Case for Cavtraction

Tweet I hate the East Coast. I mean, as a culture it’s not that bad, but as a time zone…it’s just downright terrible. I went to sleep last night around midnight, during halftime of the Los Angeles Lakers–Cleveland Cavaliers game. … Continue reading

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The Spin Cycle – Colin and Sow Talk About LeBron’s Return to Cleveland, Derek Jeter, and Europe vs. America

Tweet That’s right…I’m back. After a 41 day journey around Europe with my fiancee, I’m ready to get back into American Sport. The timing couldn’t have been better, as I got to “witness” LeBron‘s dismantling of the Cavs in his … Continue reading

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Cleveland Fans Could Learn Something From Hockey Fans

TweetTonight’s the big night for LeBron, but apparently there’s some hockey player named Dany Heatley (yes one “N”, that’s all his mom could afford) who pulled a similar move and will be making his return tonight as well. Heatley’s actions … Continue reading

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