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Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #27

A wireless connectivity issue at the home has brought me to the friendly neighborhood Starbucks to do today’s quiz. Hopefully I can finish before the 16-year-old girl working the front desk notices that I haven’t purchased anything.

Uh oh, she just shot me the stink eye… Continue reading

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Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #7

These quizzes are bringing people out of the woodwork, as yesterday’s answer, Carlos “one if by land, two if by sea, three if” Baerga, was Facebook messaged to me by my former classmate and Yale baseball captain CJ. Leave it to mid-90s trivia to reconnect washed up twenty-something baseball players.

Anyway, enjoy today’s. Maybe the coach of my 9-10 year old Woodland Hills Rec Center Tigers team will chime in on this one… Continue reading

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Jim Leyland Is Either Lying or Senile

After leading the Tigers to the ALCS, I’m pretty sure that 66-year-old Jim Leyland hasn’t lost his mental faculties just yet. But how can I be sure when he comes out and says something like he said today?

Leyland’s team lost to the Rangers yesterday to fall into a 3-1 hole, meaning that the media is (for once) actually describing tonight’s Game 5 as a “must-win.” Anybody who watched Bobby Boucher play on the offensive side of the ball in the championship game knows that in a must-win all hands are on deck and you can’t hold anything back. Continue reading

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Fat Is The New Skinny

Tweet  Last night, Whitney Thompson was named the winner of cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model. She was the first “plus-sized” model (meaning she weighs more than 100 pounds) to win the crown since the show began in 2003. It … Continue reading

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