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Dwyane Wade And Russell Westbrook Dedicate Game Four To Children In Need Of Nerd Glasses

Basketball is just a game. But sometimes…it’s more than that.

Steve Nash preached this sentiment in an NBA Cares commercial that began airing a few years ago, but NBA Finals superstar guards Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook are keeping the message alive tonight.

The duo has dedicated tonight’s pivotal Game Four to the millions of children across the world who have had to endure the pain of living their entire lives without owning a pair of nerd glasses. Continue reading

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Spin Cycle Podcast – Colin And Evan Talk About The Lakers, The Heat, And The NBA Playoff Picture

With the NBA season already half over, I thought it was time to place a call to the biggest NBA fan I know, my brother Evan. We dissect the Lakers victory over the Heat last Sunday, discuss whether the Oklahoma City Thunder are the real deal, and figure out which teams need to make moves before the trade deadline. Continue reading

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Stevie Wonder Will Never Play in the NBA

Tweet This story came down on Friday night, so sorry for waiting until after the weekend to write about it. The processing time actually did me some good anyway. Any of us that watched Friday’s game between the Miami Heat … Continue reading

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Dwyane Wade to Wear Sunglasses at Night Against Knicks

Tweet David Stern and the NBA brass are prudes when it comes to on-court apparel for their players. There was a huge to-do a few years ago when Stern sent out an edict requiring all non-uniformed players to wear suits … Continue reading

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Phillies Should Hold Miami-Style Pep Rally Introducing ‘The Big 4’

Tweet We received another shocker in what could be the most surprising off-season in recent baseball memory last night when highly sought-after lefty ace Cliff Lee unexpectedly decided to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies. Lee, who pitched for the Phillies in … Continue reading

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