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Spin Cycle Podcast – Colin Talks To Sow About Harvard-Yale, Neftali Feliz, and MLB Awards

You’re going to be doing a lot of traveling in the next couple of days, so I figured I’d provide you with some much needed Ipod material (or for those of you without mp3 players, you can always burn it to a cd to play in the rental car).

In this edition of the Spin Cycle Podcast, Sow and I talk about horrific Ivy League football, the Rangers situation with Neftali Feliz, and we debate the recently announced MLB awards. Continue reading

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Annoying Fan Behavior #14: Taking Stadium Quizzes Way Too Seriously

Attending a live sporting event is a lot of fun, but you quickly become aware that there is much more downtime during a game than you realized. Instead of watching commercials, grabbing a beer, or tweeting something clever during timeouts, you’re forced to sit there and watch the uniformed event staff try to intimidate you into not running onto the field or court while you slowly start to realize just how uncomfortable your seat actually is.

This is the reason why some benevolent gentleman (or gentlewoman…feminists…) introduced the idea of keeping the audience entertained with a series of quizzes and games throughout the event. Continue reading

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New Mexico Football Player Deshon Marman Arrested For Refusing To Pull Up Pants

We had a good laugh a few months ago when Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Byrant was reportedly kicked out of a mall for refusing to get his pants off the ground, but this takes things to a whole new level.

University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman was arrested on a US Airways flight at San Francisco International Airport after an incident that stemmed from Marman being asked to pull up his pants. Continue reading

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Dez Bryant Needs to Get His Pants Off the Ground

Coming into the draft, NFL teams worried about drafting receiver Dez Bryant. He was known to have some off-field issues and he supposedly didn’t have a very sunny disposition.

The Dallas Cowboys decided to take a chance and it appeared to be the right decision. Bryant had a strong rookie season before getting hurt, and had no real issues except for supposedly refusing to carry Roy Williams’ pads during training camp, which seemed to be a misunderstanding.

Well Bryant had another minor infraction Saturday, that could more aptly be described as a “wardrobe malfunction.” Continue reading

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Memo to College Athletes: Don’t Hang Out With Guys Named ‘Shady’

This was a bad weekend for Notre Dame. On Sunday evening Ben Hansbrough and the Irish basketball team were suffocated and embarrassed against the super-athletic Florida State defense. Then we find out today that star wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested early Sunday morning (aka Saturday night) for DUI. Continue reading

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