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Peyton’s Next Stop: Where Will He Go, and Will It Be Awkward?

Well…it’s done. One of the most intriguing will-they-won’t-they dramas professional sports has ever seen has finally come to an end: the Indianapolis Colts have officially released Peyton Manning.

But though this split has been a foregone conclusion for some time, processing the reality, at least for me, is proving to be an entirely different beast. As a football romantic, I’ll have a difficult time closing the book on Manning’s career in Indy, one of the finest chapters in NFL history. It was the kind of story every football player (and professional athlete for the matter) wants to be a part of and every fan loves to follow: Manning, a blue-collar guy from Louisiana, not only wins but single-handedly transforms a franchise and shapes a culture. His presence made the Colts a force to be reckoned with year in, year out for 13 seasons, and under his leadership, the team became a model of professionalism, discipline, and consistent execution. Continue reading

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What If Andrew Luck Is Terrible?

After reading J.D. Hollis’ post today about Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay, the biggest will they/won’t they saga since Ross and Rachel, one thing couldn’t escape from my mind. The consensus seems to be that Peyton moving on is the best scenario for both parties, with Peyton hopefully being sent to a contender and the Colts beginning the rebuilding process with Andrew Luck, the greatest quarterback prospect since…well…Peyton Manning.

But what if Andrew Luck is terrible? The mantra this year was “Suck for Luck.” What if next year it’s “We Sucked for What?” Continue reading

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As The Manning Turns…

The consensus seems to be that we’ll most likely see Peyton Manning at the helm of a team other than the Indianapolis Colts next season. However, I can’t help but tease out a few other scenarios in my mind.

First, the romantic football fan in me envisions Peyton and Colts’ owner Jim Irsay coming to some kind of understanding and Peyton agreeing to a restructured contract. A healthy Peyton then finishes out his career in Colt blue, adds to his legacy, and serves as a Yoda-esque mentor for the young Andrew Luck. Indianapolis gets a few more years with Peyton, a future hall of famer, and transitions seamlessly to the next era of quarterback greatness. Everybody wins. Continue reading

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