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The 10 Biggest Babies in the NBA

What’s the deal with very tall NBA Basketball players acting very childish? Over the years, the NBA has seen its fair share of players that could use a visit to the Zoltan machine. Anyone remember Officer Olden Polynice? How about that unstoppable phenomenon, Shaq-Fu?

For some reason, this year, NBA big men have have taken childishness to a whole new stratosphere. Here are a few crucial offenders: Continue reading

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Spin Cycle Podcast – Colin And Evan Talk About The Lakers, The Heat, And The NBA Playoff Picture

With the NBA season already half over, I thought it was time to place a call to the biggest NBA fan I know, my brother Evan. We dissect the Lakers victory over the Heat last Sunday, discuss whether the Oklahoma City Thunder are the real deal, and figure out which teams need to make moves before the trade deadline. Continue reading

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Five Early Observations Of The 2011-12 NBA Season

The first week of the NBA season is always exciting because of the NBA Season Pass free preview. However, this season’s inaugural week was particularly special because it happened to fall during the holidays, allowing fans like myself to watch an unhealthy amount of games while munching on cookies and guzzling egg nog.

Further, this season in particular brings its own brand of comedy and tragedy due to the lockout-shortened training camp. We get to see NBA basketball in its laboring mediocrity as the players and coaches scramble to heighten their proficiency back up to the standards we are accustomed to seeing.

So far we’ve seen some players excel while others have failed. We’ve seen some teams struggle where others have thrived. Overall it’s been a great week for entertainment, but here are a few things that stood out in my mind. Continue reading

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The Clippers Need To Change Their Name Immediately

After finally landing Chris Paul, one of the superstars they so often covet but inevitably fall short in securing, the Los Angeles Clippers seem to have a bright future ahead of them. And that’s precisely the problem.

Anyone who’s followed the Clippers knows about the curse. Whether it’s drafting Michael Olowokandi with the first overall pick, Blake Griffin getting injured before his rookie year, or weird 8-second violation rules that Sam Cassell doesn’t understand, something always seems to go wrong with the Clip Show. Continue reading

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The Sad State Of Sports In Los Angeles

This past week the greater Los Angeles area was ravaged by robust winds that left thousands without power and caused massive trees to be uprooted and fall on everything from cars to houses. But that disaster paled in comparison to what I had to endure on Saturday when I watched the UCLA men’s basketball team lose to Texas.

No, I’m not talking about the 20-minute delay when the winds knocked out the lights at the L.A. Sports Arena. I’m talking about what took place on the court after that. Continue reading

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