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Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #39

This is a special post for me, since I wore #39 during my storied career with the Yale baseball team. With that in mind, I’ll try to make this one special. Well, not really. Continue reading

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Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #5

As you can tell by yesterday’s answer, Al Martin, we’re not messing around anymore. Congratulations to Rass who accurately named Barry Bonds’ replacement in the Pirates outfield.

Let’s keep the ball rolling with this mid-90s base baller. Continue reading

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John Axford Is Channeling Pete Vuckovich (aka Clue Haywood from Major League)

If you’ve watched any of the National League playoffs, you’ve no doubt taken note of the handlebar ‘stache that Milwaukee Brewers’ closer John Axford is currently rocking. What you may not know, is that the look is not original…not even for the Brewers.

The Fu-Man-Chu/mullet combination reminded me of someone, but I could’t put my finger on it. Finally it dawned on me that he looks like Pete Vuckovich, better known by the members of my generation as Clue Haywood from Major League. Continue reading

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Zack Greinke Needs to Learn The Baseball Player’s Guide to Basketball

It’s no surprise that newly acquired Milwaukee Brewers ace Zack Greinke hurt himself in a pick-up basketball game. He admitted that he’d been playing for a long time and people kept telling him he was going to get hurt, and it finally “caught up to him.”

There is, however, one disturbing part of the story: the way that Greinke got hurt. I was expecting to see something unavoidable like a sprained ankle or a jammed finger. Instead what do I see? Greinke suffered a hairline fracture in one of his ribs going for a rebound during a basketball game! Going for a rebound!?!?!?!?! What are we doing? As my good friend Sow said when he heard the news, “Know your role, Zack.” Continue reading

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Man Crush of the Week

Tweet With the NBA playoffs in full swing, I’m surprised my man crush has taken me in different direction. After Lebron and Paul Pierce went back and forth last night in Bird-Dominique fashion (or so I’m told by ESPN every … Continue reading

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