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From Junior To Jered: The Tragedy And Jubilation Of Sports

I was in my car on my way to work yesterday afternoon when I heard the news about Junior Seau. I was listening to Jim Rome around 11:45 a.m., near the end of his show, when he usually takes the time to recap what he talked about for the previous hours. But yesterday, of course, the final fifteen minutes took on a somber and chilling tone.

He relayed that Seau was being reported as dead from an apparent suicide. As he read from different sources, it became clear to him and his listeners that this terrible tragedy had actually happened. Continue reading

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You Need To Calm Down, Boston…Seriously…

I know it was something called “Patriots’ Day” and three-quarters of the city was drunk (the rest were running a marathon), but yesterday the people of Boston fed the stereotype of being an over-sensitive, reactionary, trigger-happy fan base. This time poor Bobby Valentine was the target, and the Boston media, fans, and players were, and continue to be, the assailants.

It all started with a question about Kevin Youkilis, who is off to a slow start this season after having a sub-par, injury-plagued 2011, on Valentine’s appearance on WHDH’s Sports Extra talk show. Continue reading

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Bandwagons To Jump On (And Off) After Five Days Of Baseball

Possibly the best part of opening week in baseball is watching people jump on bandwagons and hit panic buttons with equal prematurity (side note: I use the term “panic button” way too frequently not to have one on my office desk. I could just imagine getting 200 words into a post, drawing a blank, and quickly reaching for the panic button). The first week is a time, long before the doldrums of August, that players and fans are excited at the possibilities of what may lie ahead.

Every season has early surprises, both good and bad, and this season is no exception. As a result fans tend to extrapolate the first week stats over the entire season, which we know makes no sense in a 162 game season, but we just can’t help ourselves. Most of the time we’re wrong (Albert Pujols last season), but sometimes we’re right (Adam Dunn last season). Continue reading

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TheSportSpin’s 2012 MLB Predictions: This Stuff Will Actually Happen

After five long months of misery, that glorious day is finally upon us. No, I’m not talking about the premiere of NBC’s newest sitcom, Best Friends Forever.

I’m of course talking about Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, which commences this Wednesday with a game between the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals and Bud Selig’s most recent blatant attempt to appeal to the Latin demographic, the newly relocated Miami Marlins. I’m surprised they haven’t changed the name to “Los Marlins” yet, like some other sports have tried. Continue reading

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Spring Training Isn’t Just For Youngsters…It’s For Old Guys Too

TweetThere’s something about spring training that takes us to a special place. Whether it’s the sunshine, the freshly cut grass, or the leathery-skinned senior fans wearing straw hats, it’s hard to watch a spring training game without a smile creeping … Continue reading

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