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Michael Jordan ‘Pretty Sure’ Anthony Davis Will Still Be Available At Number Two

The Charlotte Bobcats just suffered through the worst season in NBA history, but management is confident that their fortunes will turn at tonight’s NBA draft.

Bobcats majority owner and head of basketball operations Michael Jordan announced Thursday that his sources are telling him that Anthony Davis, arguably the best prospect in the draft, will be available when the Bobcats make their selection at number two. Continue reading

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This Steve Nash Meme Actually Makes A Good Point About This Year’s Draft

Memes are the new Twitter. If you ask somebody what a meme is, he’ll probably will start pretending like he’s trapped inside an invisible box. But if you show someone a picture with white block lettering over it, he’ll look at you like you’re an idiot and say, “Of course I’ve seen those…I have Facebook…idiot…”

Memes have been around for a long time, but they used to be reserved for the most essential and relevant news events. Today they’re passed around like currency on social media, and it takes some serious patience to find a good one. Take the most recent wave of “What I Really Do” memes that made the rounds from every occupation from journalists to cat ladies. Most of them were god-awful, but occasionally there was one that made you chuckle. Continue reading

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