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It’s Time To Include Non-NBA Players In The Dunk Contest

When I was growing up, there were two exhibition events that I looked forward to more than anything else. One was the MLB Home Run Derby, in which I got to see juiced up sluggers like Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, and Sammy Sosa hit moon shots deep into the night while Chris Berman made sounds similar to those made by a man suffering an embolism.

The other, of course, was the NBA Slam Dunk competition. As a taller-than average young man and an avid basketball player, it was always my dream to dunk. I fondly remember sneaking onto elementary school playgrounds with my friends to attempt ferocious dunks on the 8-foot rims. We were always astounded to find out how hard it was to do the dunks we saw every February in the dunk contest, even on the significantly lower rims. When I was a sophomore in high school and started feebly dunking on 10-foot rims, I gained even more respect for the guys that dazzled us in the competition. Continue reading

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Vintage NBA Racism: Rick Barry Calls Michael Jordan’s 1988 Dunk ‘Chinese Superman’

And here we thought being racist against Asians started with Jeremy Lin in 2012…

This morning I awoke to a wonderful sight: a dunk contest marathon on NBATV. It wasn’t more than three seconds after I clicked that I heard this foolishness.

I present to you the 1988 NBA Dunk Contest, in which Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins went back and forth with an impressive array of gravity-defying dunks. More impressive, however, is announcer Rick Barry’s blatant disregard for cultural sensitivity. Continue reading

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Brandon Jennings to Use Dunk Contest to Rehab Broken Foot

Tweet Nothing says “I’m committed to the team” like agreeing to participate in the dunk contest two months after breaking your foot…when you’ve yet to make your return to the court. Yesterday the NBA announced the participants in this year’s … Continue reading

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