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Tebow to Jets: Jacksonville’s Future

I’m a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan, and I love Tim Tebow. However, I think this worked out for the best — for all parties involved.

There is just a lot of uncertainty when it comes to Tim Tebow. Can he repeat last year’s success? How much of last year’s success was attributable to the Denver Bronco’s defense? Denver’s running game? Opposing teams being caught off guard? Can he continue to win with his unorthodox style of quarterbacking? Will he develop into a better passer? Continue reading

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NFL’s ‘Most Disliked’ List Proves Americans Care About Dogs More Than Humans

It’s no secret that people hate Michael Vick. Despite an improbable comeback to once again become one of the NFL’s elite players, Vick hasn’t managed to win back the fans.

Forbes.com released its poll of the most disliked players in the NFL and, no surprise, Vick was number one. I wasn’t surprised either—at least not at first. I looked through the rest of the list and saw the usual cast of felons (Plaxico Burress), prima donnas (Chad Ochocinco), and douchebags (Jay Cutler), and agreed that Vick was probably the biggest monster of all.

Let’s think about that for a second. Continue reading

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The Spin Cycle – Colin Talks to Sow About American Football Fans, Albert Pujols, and Bad Sitcoms

Tweet After a 10 day hiatus, the first thing I did when I got back was call Josh Sowers and see what I missed. We talk about the AFC and NFC Championship games, the Albert Pujols contract negotiations, and lots … Continue reading

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