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Video Throwdown Showdown: Gerald Green Vs. Vince Carter

The great thing about sports is that even the most pedestrian of games presents us with an opportunity to see something we have never seen before. Such was the case this past Saturday when Gerald Green gave us a reason to talk about an otherwise humdrum game between the New Jersey Nets and the Houston Rockets.

My buddy Gale posted it on Facebook saying it was probably the best in-game alley-oop he had ever seen. I am inclined to agree, but I also remember a certain Vince Carter dunk that may be a contender. Below are the two instances of lunacy. You be the judge. Continue reading

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Video: American Gladiators’ Malibu Takes A Most Excellent Hit

Some day when aliens take over Earth and look for human artifacts, one of them will stumble upon some old VHS tapes of American Gladiators.

At that time, guys like Sabre, Laser, Nitro, and Turbo will be looked upon just as we look upon the legendary warriors of Ancient Greece.

When they find this clip, however, they will unquestionably know that Malibu was a king among men. Please enjoy. Continue reading

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Brett ’40 Hands’ Lawrie To Make Blue Jays Debut Tonight

Friday, August 5 will inevitably go down as the greatest day in Canadian history. Not only is Canadian Ryan Reynolds’ revolutionary body-switch comedy The Change-Up debuting in theaters today, but the long-anticipated Blue Jays debut of Canadian prospect Brett Lawrie will also take place this evening.

While I originally thought The Change-Up was a biopic about Jamie Moyer, it turns out that the film has nothing to do with baseball. What does have to do with baseball, however, is that Brett Lawrie is considered one of the top prospects in baseball, and the Jays dealt Shaun Marcum in the off-season to acquire the Canadian third baseman… Continue reading

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Kurt Rambis: The Original Hipster

Fashion fads come and go like horrible network sitcoms, so sometimes it’s hard to keep track. The latest one that I’ve noticed (which means that it’s no longer cool and a new one has sprouted up in its place like a head on the Hydra) is that of the “Hipster.”

Please allow the good people at Urban Dictionary to provide a definition: Continue reading

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You Stay Classy, Vancouver: A Riot Photo Essay

Photos of the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots with insightful commentary attached. Continue reading

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