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Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #26

Tweet So the consensus is that guys like yesterday’s answer, Paul O’Neill, simply aren’t challenging enough. So we’re going to start to step it up a little bit. The problem, of course, is that you can start to go the … Continue reading

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Guess That 1994 Baseball Player! #16

Because of the holiday, this will be the last quiz for this week. I hope, whilst stuffing your face with turkey, you will be reminded of this 1994 MLB hero.

Enjoy. Continue reading

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Baseball Has Always Been Full Of Cheaters…Let’s Keep It That Way

There’s nothing wrong with a little good old-fashioned cheating. If you disagree with this statement, you can’t call yourself a baseball fan.

By now you may have heard about the controversy surrounding the Toronto Blue Jays. They’ve been accused of employing an elusive “man in white” to sit in the center field bleachers and relay signs to home plate.

According to the article by Amy K. Nelson and Peter Keating for ESPN, an anonymous pitcher claimed that he and his bullpen buddies noticed the man placing his arms over his head for curveballs, changeups, etc.– basically anything other than a fastball. This allegedly allowed the Toronto batters to know whether a fastball or offspeed pitch was coming. Continue reading

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Brett ’40 Hands’ Lawrie To Make Blue Jays Debut Tonight

Friday, August 5 will inevitably go down as the greatest day in Canadian history. Not only is Canadian Ryan Reynolds’ revolutionary body-switch comedy The Change-Up debuting in theaters today, but the long-anticipated Blue Jays debut of Canadian prospect Brett Lawrie will also take place this evening.

While I originally thought The Change-Up was a biopic about Jamie Moyer, it turns out that the film has nothing to do with baseball. What does have to do with baseball, however, is that Brett Lawrie is considered one of the top prospects in baseball, and the Jays dealt Shaun Marcum in the off-season to acquire the Canadian third baseman… Continue reading

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A Night with the Jays: Jo-Jo Reyes Gatorade Shower, Shelley Duncan’s Bomb, and Inappropriate Comments from Drunk Fans

Tweet  I was fortunate enough to get $35 front row seats down the left field line of Monday night’s Blue Jays-Cleveland Indians game. Several things to note: I got my first foul ball in about 20 years of going to … Continue reading

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